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TVRM Railfest


Beginning in its 50th year (2011) , TVRM hosts the Railfest to celebrate its history. The festival will be our biggest party ever, featuring multiple steam engines, visiting locomotives and equipment, special musical acts, storytelling, arts and crafts, a hobo camp and more. Ticket price includes unlimited train rides on TVRM’s “local” line and full access to daytime events. Evening concert, dining car, food vendors and special rail excursions are extra. 



TVRM Railcamp

TDSCF3234he most important aspect of historic preservation is passing on the knowledge, skills and passion to a younger generation. In that effort, TVRM hosts Railcamp each summer to provide high school-aged young people the opportunity to get hands-on experience in the realm of saving our nation’s rail history.


Campers will learn about railroad operations, help in the restoration of one of TVRM’s historic cars or locomotives, help prepare the local train for service, ride in the locomotive cab, and learn much more about an industry that helped shape our country.  


TVRM Railcamp is held in June. Call 423-894-8028 ext. 13 to check availability and pricing. 




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