Seating Types


TVRM coach4

Coach Seating

The standard seating arrangement on all trips. Seats are sets of two with one along the aisle and one near the window. Sometimes the seats can be rotated to make a group of four together.


pullman section

Pullman Section

Some trips offer Pullman Car "Clover Colony" upgrades.  The "section" area is semi-private seating with each area made up of two upholstered bench seats across from each other.  Most comfortable for two riders, it can accommodate up to four.  Each section has dividers behind the seat but still opens up to the aisle which allows passengers to see out both sides of the train.

pullman compartment

Pullman Compartment

Pullman Car "Clover Colony" offers private seating in one of its five bedroom compartments. This area is completely secluded from other passengers by walls and a door off the aisle. One large bench seat is comfortable for two riders but can accommodate up to three. The compartments have one window so viewing is only possible out one side of the train.

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