Take a Virtual Train Trip

Take a virtual ride on the Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum's Missionary Ridge Local pulled by steam locomotive 610!

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Let's start with an introduction to TVRM by Steve Freer. He'll tell us a bit about Grand Junction Station ending with the steam locomotive 610 climbing the grade behind him.

While we're at Grand Junction, the 610 pulls into the station. Steve tells us some information about the 610 while passengers board the train.

After all the passengers have loaded, 610 pulls out of Grand Junction and heads for East Chattanooga. The first thing you'll get to experience is crossing over Chickamauga Creek. The engineer has an exciting view, but so does the conductor on the back of the train.

It's hard work up in the cab of the 610! Watch the engineer working the whistle and brakes, while the fireman shovels coal to keep the fire burning — meanwhile, you'll be nice and comfortable in our restored vintage passenger cars.

One of the main features of our ride is the trip through historic Missionary Ridge Tunnel. Experience the trip into the tunnel with the crew of the 610, and stand alongside the tracks as it exits the smoke-stained tunnel on the way to East Chattanooga.

Arriving at East Chattanooga Depot, you get to witness the 610 being turned around on our authentic turntable for the trip back. Then we'll head to our operational restoration shop, featuring TVRM's wheelshop, a unique assembly of vintage machinery still used today to repair the wheels of our own locomotives, as well as for locomotives of other railroads. Take a look around and see one of our American Locomotive Company (ALCO) RSD-1's and the famous steam locomotive 4501, a true representative of Southern heritage, awaiting her return to glory.

We hope you enjoyed your virtual ride on the Missionary Ridge Local; please come by soon and ride it for real!

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