Enjoy First Class railroading luxury aboard our private Office Car, the Eden Isle.

The Eden Isle was built in 1917 by the Pullman Company as a standard heavyweight sleeping car. The term "heavyweight" comes from the all-steel construction method used. In 1935 the car was rebuilt as Baltimore & Ohio Office Car No. 98 and assigned to the railroad's Executive Vice President. It remained in office car service until January 1966, when it was involved in a derailment. The car was restored and sold to a private individual before coming to the Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum and renamed the Eden Isle.

TVRM's Eden Isle

Eden Isle dining roomThe Eden Isle is an excellent choice for an intimate setting for friends, family, or business partners. A kitchenette provides the ability to cook or keep foods warm. The dining/meeting room has seating for up to 8 and comes provided with a full set of china. Three sleeping compartments provide a private place to rest or meet. At the rear of the car is a lounge area with an open-air observation platform at the very end of the car. The Eden Isle is a private car, available to a maximum group size of 12 people, and is only open to those who charter it.

Eden Isle loungeThe Eden Isle is available for use on many of our Dixie Land Excursions. Call our office for details on how to charter this extraordinary piece of railroading history.

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