DSCF3165    DSCF3201

"Locomotive Lineup" in front of Grand Junction Station.             "Look Out For The Locomotive" because it is right there!


DSCF3186     DSCF3253

Shane R. engineers #126 on a Tunnel Turn trip.                     NS Operation Lifesaver #5826 and 1891-built #349.


DSCF3204     DSCF3205

Norfolk Southern was there with info and some giveaways.        Artist Andy Fletcher exhibited his railroad pieces.


DSCF3158      DSCF3161

Tennessee Valley LEGO Railroad Club had a nice layout.          Chattanooga Area Model Railroad Club had four gauges!


DSCF3192      DSCF3239

Sweet Georgia Sound played some great Big Band sounds.   Ice cream mixed by an old John Deere "hit or miss" engine!


DSCF3210      DSCF3242

VW displayed a new Chattanooga-built 2012 Passat.              Here are the Mountain Cove Boys from Signal Mountain.


DSCF3237     DSCF3257

Welcome to Railfest; Buying tickets at the entrance gazebo.   The "World's Largest Moon Pie" - 4ft and 24,000 calories!


DSCF3334    DSCF3326

Sam Bush performs as an NS freight train rolls by on their mainline.             Notice Sam's Chattanooga Lookouts jersey!


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